Back *for now* and Bonus SV by Sparkly Vernis Swatch

Hello and sorry for the absence. One of the main reasons I haven’t been writing is that what inspires what I write (a lot of times) are the photos I take. Or I photograph with a blog post in mind. The pictures go hand in hand with my little posts, and sadly, last month my little Canon died. Without new pictures, I haven’t been very inspired to write.

In the last month, le hubs has had a lot of holidays so we’ve spent some time relaxing here at home and also a week in the south of France. It was great, I love traveling by train in France. On the way back our connecting train was delayed (quelle surprise!), so we made the most of it with glass of Saint Julien in the Bordeaux train station. Life is hard.  😉

Still settling into Tours, I’ve found a vibrant language group here so that will make social life and French progression much easier (I hope). I’m also really excited because my sister is coming into town in two days!!! We’re planning on visiting some chateaux and eating lots of cheese. Sounds like a good holiday to me! ❤

And as a bonus: From the new Sparkly Vernis collection, La Petite Coquille! I’ve seen it layered over more vibrant colors but over Essie’s Ballet Slippers, I feel extremely ladylike. 😀 IMG_7164

The collection goes on sale tomorrow at the SV shop. I got it first because I helped name this one. 🙂 I’ve also bought one of her Frankies,  so expect a swatch of that soon.

Hopefully there will be more sunny days and less writers’ block. Happy Thursday!!


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