Los Angeles Love

edited.32 copyFun fact: The Rosslyn Hotel in Los Angeles was built by the Hart brothers – that’s why the sign has that iconic heart on it. I’ve always been enamored by the architecture of downtown Los Angeles. It’s old, beautiful, vibrant, and still peppered with palm trees. Luckily for me and for everyone else, there is a great organization to give information about the city. You can read more about the buildings at the Los Angeles Conservancy website. It’s one of my favorite websites and organizations.

Los Angeles has so much beauty and such an interesting history. I think it’s a hard place for tourists to visit because it’s so large, spread out, and the public transportation is a bit lacking. But if you decide to conquer a neighborhood at a time, you could really delve into so much of the character that the city has to offer. One of my favorite parts of LA has always been downtown. Fortunately the LA Conservancy offers walks nearly everyday!

While you’re down there, don’t forget to have lunch at Grand Central Market, visit the Central Library, and if you’re there in the summer, maybe catch a free jazz concert at Pershing Square. There ya go, your day is planned! I’ve been going there since I was young and hip and hanging out at the library. 😉 I was lucky enough to briefly work there last year and downtown LA remains one of my favorite places on earth.

Lunch at Grand Central Market.
Lunch at Grand Central Market.

It’s a definitely a place worth checking out on your next visit to LA, or even if you already live in LA, it’s a nice place to spend a Saturday.


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