Sparkly Vernis Swatches – Frosted Sweets Collection

Polish alert! ❤ I am by no means a nail blogger, in fact I’m not sure how someone would classify this blog. Random expat musings? Food and travel? I guess all of those go together with the expat life, with a little bit of nail polish thrown in because I love it. 😀 I just wanted to show off some beautiful polish made by Sparkly Vernis in California. I met her a while ago at work.  At that time I was too lazy to take off my nail polish so I’d just chip it off. I remember the look of horror on her face when I told her. LOL. Thankfully she rubbed off on me. Check out her blog if you like to look at polishes and impeccable cuticles. 😛 I’ve never had indie polishes before, and never had a holo polish before either – so this was doubly exciting for me! I’ve got two polishes to show you —>

Mint Frosting

First up is Mint Frosting, my favorite. I love all kinds of greens, so I’m easily a sucker for this one. 😀 I wanted to do swatches of the polishes when I got them, but I fell so  in L-O-V-E with this one that I held off bc I had to do all 10 fingers, obviously. It applies really easily, and I think it looks beautiful both in the shade and in the sunlight. I didn’t have much sun the days I had it on, so this is the best pic I could do. It’s more holographic in the sunlight. I kept walking around staring at my hands while wearing it. SO PRETTY The other polish I have is Blurple Ice cubes, bluish purple, as the name would imply and HOLO again! This one seems to have a brighter holographic effect, I can even see it indoors. THEN, in the sunlight it’s amazing as you can see below.

These are both from Sparkly Vernis’ first collection – Winter 2014. I’d wear these year round. 🙂 I’m excited to add them to the collection. Check it out: ShopBlog


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