DIY Framed Key Gift

Ta da!

Ok so now that Christmas is over, and Mr Bear has his gift in hand (or rather, on display), I can finally talk about it (he reads the blog)! We decided on small gifts this year, having just moved into our new apartment, etc. So I settled on many small gifts, because everyone knows that it’s funner to open more than one. 😉

I got the idea for the framed key Pinterest, of course, and I chose it because I was sad to leave our little home last month. Remember, we moved. Of course, the new place is much better: apartment, city, everything, but that doesn’t stop me from getting sentimental about the old flat. It was cozy, and it was our first home.

The gift itself is not very hard to put together, as you might imagine. You just need a frame, a key, and some paper. I painted the background with watercolors.  I also practiced writing ‘our first home’ about a million times, that was the hardest part for me. I just looked up hand writing fonts on Pinterest, but if you want to go fancy, you can look up my friend’s Etsy shop, “The Scribblist” and have her make something amazing for you!

You can also put other memories in the frame, the possibilities are endless. This would make a great valentine’s day gift as well. 😉

Mr. Bear loved his gift, and now we will always have something beautiful to remember our first home by.

-Mrs B.


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