Recipe time: Salsa Roja

Growing up, we always had fresh salsa roja, or simply ‘chile’ as we called it, at home. It’s something that I took for granted until I moved away. I tried to fill in the gap with store bought hot sauces, which can be great, but they’re not the best substitute for homemade salsa. You can’t pour spoonfuls of hot sauce into your beaten eggs and make a yummy breakfast scramble, and let’s not even go into tacos, etc. Hot sauce has its place, but it’s can’t fill in for chile (at least not in my heart).

This sounds very serious. It is serious. It’s serious for a Mexican gal living in Europe. 😛  Anyway, the recipe is below, it’s 4 ingredients, and it came from my momma!

Getting nice and toasted

Salsa Roja

  • 3 tomatoes
  • 12 dried chiles de arbol (this will be spicy! Start with 5 and add more in)
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • salt to taste

1. You’re going to need to char the tomatoes, preferably on a comal. I lined a pan I had with foil and charred them on high heat for a few minutes.

2. Next do the same with the chilis, these are really quick to toast, so stand watch and have some tongs to pick them up with.

This is what they look like after

3. Put everything in a blender along with a pinch of salt and blend away! I didn’t add much water to mine, maybe a few tablespoons. Blend first and add the water (if needed) after.

ready to be poured over everything

A few notes: my mom also adds about a quarter of a small, raw onion to the mix when blending. Some people add cilantro, which is great, I just didn’t have any on hand. And my salsa is kinda garlicky, which I love, but you may not. Adjust to your taste.

We immediately poured this into our chicken soup and it’s been great for Mr Bear’s cold. Pour it over everything and be happy. 😛


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