Happiness is a Warm Puppy: Pt 6

You know what Wednesday is? Puppy day! Look at how happy Cookie was to be taken to the Griffith Observatory. She sniffed everything on the walk up! It must have really tired her out cause on the way down she sat down and refused to budge. I swear she had enough water, and it’s only 15 mins (if that) each way. Soooo, I made many people chuckle  as they walked past us. Me, carrying a little dog wagging her tail and enjoying the view from my arms. 😛IMG_0123Mr Bear has been sick this week, and I feel like I’m next. So yesterday I cooked up some chicken veggie soup. And in my mind chicken soup needs salsa roja. Spicy foods are good for you when you’re sick, right? I always squeeze some lemon juice into my chicken soup too – extra vitamin C. I was texting back and forth with my mom while making the salsa, and I think I got it right. I’ll share the recipe on Friday, so everyone can have fresh salsa for the weekend.

Happy Wednesday!


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