Bienvenue Chez Nous

IMG_6403We’re finally home! Last week I walked to downtown Tours for some errands, and the hustle and bustle, the restaurants and cafes around looked really great. I started to wonder if we’d made the right choice not living smack dab in the middle of things. Then I looked at the actual apartments around there and I was so glad of our decision.

When we open the windows, we don’t see any neighbors, just little goats (!!), sheep, and other adorable animals.

Our view

Okay they actually look like specs from the window, but you get the picture. No people, just quiet and nature. 🙂 I don’t take for granted that we can have a cute place like this even though I’m not working at the moment. Definitely wouldn’t have it in LA or London. We’re happy bears.

I’m going to get back into regular blogging again. Now that we’ve got internet  things should be much smoother. We’ve also got a stove! No more two burner, minuscule hotel kitchen.  So that means that recipes are coming soon. And I’ve just got a shipment from the states, so hopefully that means Mexican food (!!). Mexican recipes, French recipes, everything. We’re getting in shape for the holidays. That shape is round. 😐

I’ll leave you with some pictures I took while grocery shopping today:

Sugar - Daddy?
Sugar – Daddy?

Daddy is a popular brand of sugar in France. Sugar. Daddy. Also this packet is a rapper, I don’t really know why.

For those times you really want a watery, sugar free, cupcake. How does this work in tea form? The people I’ve told about this seem way more open to it than I am. Has anyone tried this? Would you even want to? Cupcake tea. Serious questions to ponder this night. 😛

Bonne soirée, everyone!


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