Bears in London

2013-04-18 14.55.33
St Pancras International Station

The reason there hasn’t been a post around here in a week is that we’ve been on vacation! A couple of days in London and the day in Paris. Mr Bear and I both used to live in London, so while we did some touristy things while we were there, most of our time was spent visiting friends and eating things we can’t get in France! However I do have a few tips. 😉

Trafalgar Square
Trafalgar Square

One of the best things about London is that the museums are free. 🙂 We had a four day holiday and went to one museum everyday. ^_^  The view in the picture above is of Trafalgar Square, with a view of Big Ben in the background. If you keep walking this way, in about 15 minutes you will be at Westminster Abbey,  Parliament, and the London Eye. Walking in the opposite direction will take you to Charing Cross Road (lots of great used bookshops), Soho, and Leicester Square.

Interesting point about Trafalgar Square. I found out during my research that the city hires trained birds of prey to keep the pigeon population down here and in other areas of London, including the British Museum. I don’t really like sitting around trying to enjoy my time and having dirty pigeons fluttering around me, so this is great to me! I’ve never seen a hawk, but apparently they are released in the mornings. 😛


If you are in London, I would definitely recommend the free museums, as well as the free tours! You can check on the museum websites, or pick up a daily schedule at most museums and have a guide show you around. We did a tour of the Islamic gallery at the British Museum, and did an introductory tour of the V&A. It’s a great way to get the history and highlights of the museum in a short amount of time. It’s also a good way to explore a part of the museum whose art you are not really familiar with, not to mention it’s free. London is very expensive so this is a nice break. 🙂

View from the bus :)
View from the bus 🙂

Also, if you want to take in many of the city highlights (not all, but plenty) instead of paying for a tourist bus, take the number 24 city bus and try to get a seat on the second level. You’ll have the perfect view of the city from Westminster Abby all the way up to Hampstead. In fact, I recommend taking the buses in London more than the tube if you can – much better view, cheaper, and less crowded usually. 🙂

Finally, if things get too hectic in the city for you (and the weather permits) London has so many big, beautiful parks all around. My personal favorite is Hampstead Heath – I like to take long walks and pretend I’m in a Jane Austen novel. 😛

Next time I will post about a few things Mr. Bear and I ate while in London and maybe squeeze in a little bit of Paris too. 😉


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