We have been lucky enough to have a few extra days of summer in France lately. Last week was cold and it really felt like fall was here to stay, but this weekend was very warm. 🙂 I like it! I like sunshine!

Sunday was Mr. Bear’s day off so we decided to take advantage of what could be the last nice day of the year and spend the day out in…Crozant! Last year there was an exhibition in our town museum of impressionist paintings from the Creuse valley, which is right near where we live. Many of the painters were inspired by Crozant and its surroundings specifically. The french writer George Sand also lived nearby and was known to visit the town.

George Sand has her own promenade, how fancy!
George Sand has her own promenade, how fancy!

There are also the ruins of a castle in town, parts of which date back to the 10th century! SO lots of interest for us. 😉

Castle Ruins
Castle Ruins

What we were equally interested in was the natural beauty of the place, the Creuse river runs through it, and are lots of hiking trails all around.  So that’s what we did. HIKE!

I GUESS that's a nice view :D
I GUESS that’s a nice view 😉

Like I said, there are lots of hiking trails and guess what? Of course we followed the wrong one. Aka the one that was not a trail. Also Mr. B said it was hunting season so he kept being scared we’d die.


Even though we went the wrong way, we had fun. We found a million chestnuts and I became obsessed with getting them all. My husband called me a walking stomach -_-

are we in middle earth?

Anyway it was fun, tiring, and very beautiful. The trees and rocks and logs were covered in moss, and a lot of the time we were walking on top of chestnut pods. They opened when you stepped on them, and then we packed away like 2 kilos. YESSS. Chestnuts for everyone!


I wish we had known about it before, but then I would’ve wanted to go every weekend. 😛

Next time: a recipe…my favorite 🙂

-Mrs Bear


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